Tempering Expectations While Declaring Hopes

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Reaching my middle age, I am fortunate enough to have expressed my will as a voter in six, Presidential elections and dozens of local, state, and national races or referendums. Given my places of residence across that span, I’ve commiserated in defeat more often than victory. I remember the euphoria…

The U.S. Problem with Acknowledging Historical Truth

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

Ignorance can be educated. Of the many reasons for obtaining and maintaining a thorough and unadulterated education, this is the most important. Unlike mathematics, the humanities — which include history — demand repeated and ever-deepening explorations in order to fully understand the why, who, what, when, where, and how. On…

Reforging Bonds in Time

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In all my (almost) 38 years on Earth, one individual came close to never receiving my forgiveness. Having not only inserted himself uninvited into my life, the results of his actions detonated my biggest dreams and obliterated my life to the point of rebuilding from foundation. …

Implementing Bold, New Processes from Lesson Learned

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In the span of less than a month, educators across the United States proved their worth in spades. Ixnay the soul-cushing, state tests. Ixnay the cumbersome, formal evaluations. Throw down the gauntlets, get creative, and teach. These marching orders thundered from the highest levels of educational bureaucracy — not without…

How Mandatory Summer Programs Do More Harm Than Good

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Bright lights. Thunderous crowds. Primed competitors. For communities across America, our local high school sports’ teams provide the very essence of unity. Win or lose, these players embody storied pasts and expectant futures. Their feats become the sustaining lore of lives beyond their own. We embrace them with gladiatorial enthusiasm…

Why the Crisis at Our Southern Border Should Keep Us Up at Night

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

When Ariel entered my room that morning, I recognized something was wrong. Foremost, she came in long before class during a time when she usually laughed it up in the cafeteria with friends. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she collapsed into the papasan and asked if we could talk…

Photo by TM Lankford. All rights reserved.

Considerations in the 21st Century

A near perfect enchantment surrounds the celebration of our nation’s founding. One need not feel guilty to have never served in the armed forces. One need not remain in somber memorialization. One need not buy gifts galore or spend solo hours preparing a meal. …

TM Fordith

T.M. is an educator, writer, photographer & Jarhead veteran. He lives with his husband Hank and their dogs in OK. Travel, coffee, and a good story make his day.

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