Tempering Expectations While Declaring Hopes

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

And its influences in a white life

Photo by Alexis Fauvet on Unsplash

Where to start

The U.S. Problem with Acknowledging Historical Truth

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

Reforging Bonds in Time

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

The Community Spread We Need

Photo by Michelle on Unsplash

Implementing Bold, New Processes from Lesson Learned

Photo by Michel Rocha on Unsplash

How Mandatory Summer Programs Do More Harm Than Good

Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash


Photo by Jesse Mills on Unsplash

Why the Crisis at Our Southern Border Should Keep Us Up at Night

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

Photo by TM Lankford. All rights reserved.

Considerations in the 21st Century

TM Fordith

T.M. is an educator, writer, photographer & Jarhead veteran. He lives with his husband Hank and their dogs in OK. Travel, coffee, and a good story make his day.

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